Supportive dad joins in daughter’s cheerleading squad from sidelines

Supportive dad joins in daughter’s cheerleading squad from sidelines

A Texas father has learned his daughter’s cheerleading team routine in a heartwarming show of support.

In a TikTok video posted on 30 September, Cecelia Simmons recorded her husband, Andre Simmons, dancing along in the stands as their daughter Jazlyn and her high school cheer squad perform their routine at a football game.

Mr Simmons can be seen nailing the choreography as the cheerleaders wave their pompoms and bust some moves. Ms Simmons captioned the video with a beaming face emoji, saying: “Everyone always asks Andrè Simmons about the boys continuing his football legacy little do they know he’s waited his whole life to be a cheer dad.”

The video went viral. receiving over 312,000 views. Viewers were quick to commend him as “cheer dad of the year” and applauded him for his infectious energy.

“Baby he didn’t miss 1 cheer dad practice and it shows,” one TikTok user wrote. “He is the coordinator, the girls are watching him for the next cue.” Another person said, “Someone’s Dad goes to all the games and all the practices!! I love it!!”

Others noted that he had some smooth dance moves. One commented that he was “hittin that CHOREO” while another added: “He didn’t miss one beat!!! Love this so much for her.”

“THAT’S PURE GIRL DAD JOY!!” another added.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Mr Simmons said that it took him a few days to get the hang of the routine and admitted that historically, he hasn’t always been the best dancer.

He told the morning show that he was committed to getting the steps down because he wanted to create a “lifelong memory” for his daughter.

“She thought she made the varsity cheer team so my way of supporting her and kind of trying to make up that time lost is doing things that she loves and surprising her with joining her in the cheer during the football game,” he said.

“Once I got it down pat, I just jumped up there when I heard the band finally bring the song up and I got up there and did it with her.

The father-of five added: “I love to try to be super dad when I’m here and create those lifelong memories and it’s something for us to look back on and enjoy together. At the end of the day, it’s all for her. So I’m gonna get up there and do the cheer with her.”

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