Meghan Markle dubbed ‘big middle finger’ to Britain

Meghan Markle dubbed ‘big middle finger’ to Britain

Meghan Markle dubbed big middle finger to royal family
Meghan Markle dubbed ‘big middle finger’ to royal family

Lily Allen has thrown her weight behind Meghan Markle as the signer expressed support to the Duchess of Sussex for being a ‘big middle finger’.

The singer, who is the wife of Stranger Things star David Harbour, spoke at a Glamour magazine event where she lauded the former actress when asked about who was her “woman of the year”.

Naming the former actress, Allen expressed being in awe of the Duchess of Sussex’s ability to take on the scathing backlash she received by the British press. 

“Who’s my woman of the year? Umm, Meghan Markle. She just is one big middle finger to the British press in particular.”

It was no secret that Meghan had her ups and downs with the press since her early days of being a royal. 

The extent of the British press invading her life became so much so that in October 2019, she decided to sue The Mail on Sunday after it publicised a personal letter she wrote to her estranged father Thomas Markle, during the height of her qualms with him. 

She later went on to win the case in December 2021.

But, Prince Harry went on to allude that the mental and physical stress caused by the media resulted in a miscarriage in July 2020. 

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