Fogg, Dermicool, & Moov: Meet The Genius Behind These Iconic Brands, Darshan Patel, Whose Net Worth Is Over Rs 10,000 Cr

Fogg, Dermicool, & Moov: Meet The Genius Behind These Iconic Brands, Darshan Patel, Whose Net Worth Is Over Rs 10,000 Cr

New Delhi: In the vast world of consumer products, there are certain names that resonate with nearly every Indian. Fogg for its fragrances, Moov for relieving pain, and Itchguard for soothing itches – we’ve all turned to these trusted products at some point.

But did you know that these household brands all share a common genius behind their creation? Meet Darshan Patel, the Gujarati businessman who can be credited with creating a colossal business empire without any prior experience, and in the process, outshining several established companies through his unique talent and skills.

The Unconventional Entrepreneur

What makes Darshan Patel’s success story all the more remarkable is that he didn’t receive formal education in business, nor did he spend years working for a corporation. Instead, he forged his path through sheer determination and innovation.

Darshan Patel is the founder and Managing Director of Vini Cosmetics Pvt Ltd. This company has become a leader in the Indian deodorant market, known for its iconic brand, Fogg. But his journey didn’t start here. Before Vini Cosmetics, he achieved the remarkable feat of transforming his family’s company, Paras Pharmaceuticals, into the fastest-growing pharma enterprise in India.

The Birth of Iconic Brands

Darshan Patel’s list of achievements includes creating some of India’s most iconic medicine brands. Moov, Krack, Itchguard, Dermicool, and D’cold are just a few of the names that he breathed life into. These brands have not only provided relief to countless people but have also become household names.

One notable milestone in his journey was the sale of Paras Pharmaceuticals, the company responsible for manufacturing products like Crack Heal, Moov, and Itchguard. In 2010, he sold Paras Pharmaceuticals for a staggering sum of Rs 3,260 crores. However, he was far from done.

The Fogg Revolution

Darshan Patel’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating new brands led him to launch Fogg under Vini Cosmetics in 2011. In a market saturated with gas-based deodorants, Fogg’s unique positioning “No Gas, No Wastage; 800 sprays guarantee” captured the imagination of consumers. This simplicity and innovation propelled Fogg to instant success.

The Man Behind the Success

What drives Darshan Patel’s success is his deep understanding of the consumer. He believes in staying connected to consumers through research and feedback. His colleagues and associates admire his ability to follow his entrepreneurial instincts with unwavering conviction. He keeps a keen eye on the dynamic business environment and places immense faith in his team, inspiring them to push beyond their limits.

Global Presence

Under Darshan Patel’s leadership, Vini Cosmetics has expanded its presence across South-East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The brand’s influence is not confined to India; it has made its mark on the global stage.

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