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Mr. Marcos’s salaried loan may be the solution to his problems. A fast and no-bureaucratic loan, it can be requested by the computer or by your smartphone, guaranteeing peace of mind to get that extra amount when the pocket is tight.

What to do with loan for employee

What to do with loan for employee

You can ask for your personal credit to:

  • Paying bills: In times of crisis, income from wages can often not be enough to cover expenses, and creating a source of extra income is a great way out of balancing finances;
  • Travel: Going on vacation is necessary, but not always possible. The salaried loan can help pay for the trip you’ve been planning for years but you’ve never been able to do it;
  • Refinance Debts: An urgent loan for salaried employees can also be directed to refinancing debts, which is nothing more than consolidating your debts into a single debt to clear your name and facilitate payment; ;
  • Paying for courses: even those who already have a guaranteed job know that they need to continually specialize in order to leverage their career. The salaried personal loan may be the missing investment for that;

Your loan can still be directed to much more, since in the loan to the employee the reason for making the request is not a given that affects the credit analysis. To request, it is enough that you are over 18 years old, present your personal and registration data for us to do the analysis. If approved, the money goes to your account in a matter of hours.

The products offered by Mr. Marcos for salaries

The products offered by Mr. Marcos for salaries

Mr. Marcos offers five major loan products for wage earners, certainly one will suit your needs. Our analysis accurately takes into account your financial profile to offer the best according to it.

Among our products, we have:

PRIMEIRÃO Loan : loans from R $ 200 to R $ 300, with payment term of 3 to 4 months;

TÔ LIGADO Loan : loans from R $ 900 to R $ 1200, with payment term of 3 to 5 months;

DECOLANDO Loan : loans from R $ 1300 to R $ 1700, with repayment term of 3 to 7 months;

TURBO loan: loans from R $ 1800 to R $ 2500, with repayment term of 3 to 12 months;

SUPERTURBO Loan : loans from R $ 2600 to R $ 3000, with repayment term of 3 to 12 months.

If you do not approve your request, do not worry! We are always updating our systems to offer the best products. You can also try asking for a smaller amount – the more times you take a loan with us and make the payment on time, the more chances you have to be approved for the higher value products.



Since 2016, Mr. Marcos has developed his scoring and analysis methods to evaluate each application individually and offer the best to each person.

Our salary loan application process happens entirely online, just go to our page or our app available for Android and make your simulation with the product you want. The answer comes out in a matter of minutes for you to get the loan at the moment you really need it. Our mission at Mr. Marcos is to make your life easier by offering loans to pensioners with responsibility and security. Therefore, we are always investing in our credit analysis systems to provide you with the best service.

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