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A few days ago I arrived at my house. On the floor was a sealed envelope addressed to me; It was from a bank.

A few days ago I arrived at my house. On the floor was a sealed envelope addressed to me; It was from a bank. I opened it and said that I had a pre-approved credit card, I just had to call a telephone number that they indicated there and request that it be sent to the branch of my preference.

Another day I went to an expo on business at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, a couple of people approached me to tell me that with a picture of my ID and a couple of signatures they could give me a credit card.

That’s right, the stability in the economic situation in our country, coupled with unethical practices by bank executives, has caused an accelerated expansion of consumer loans. Nowadays it is easier to get a credit card than a loan to open a company. Worse, you can have ten cards without checking income or prove that you are responsible and know how to use them.

But that is not exactly the topic I want to address today. I want to talk with people who have 4, 5 or maybe more cards and they are already making a mess between court dates, payment deadlines or if they bought things for months without interest and do not remember. What do they owe on one card and what do they owe on the other? If that is your case, stay to read this text, it will help you. If it is not, also read on, and do not fall into the network of 25 credit cards.


Get rid of your credit cards

credit cards

Paraphrasing Uncle Ben – All power carries a great responsibility – in that context we must understand that credit cards are not bad at all, they are a good financial instrument and, if we use it as a tool, it will help us a lot in our lives. But if you have already fallen into the “claws of the banks” and you have many credit cards, I advise you to cancel the majority and keep those that really give you a benefit.

How to know what cards to keep and how many? It will depend a lot on your lifestyle. Suppose you like concerts a lot, there are cards that have agreements with a show company that offers you exclusive presales, that gives you a real benefit to you. If you do not go to concerts, but you travel a lot, keep that card that gives you benefits for your trips, in short, it is something you will have to ask yourself and analyze. In addition to these factors you should think of other objectives such as interest, annuity, etc. To delve deeper into that topic, please consult this article by Victoria Pinto on the Bancompara blog.

Personally, I recommend you keep only two credit cards. One bank and one departmental. The department will help you take advantage of exclusive promotions from the store for which you already have preference. On the other hand, a bank card with a large credit line is sufficient. How much is a broad line of credit? For reference only, that is equal to or greater than three months of your current salary.


First steps to cancel my credit card

credit card

Canceling a credit card is a simple process if you have not used it or have no debts on it. Otherwise, you will have to use a strategy. Once you have decided which card or cards to keep, contact the bank where you want to continue and ask if there is a possibility that they will cancel the debts with other banks and that they absorb that debt.

I give you an example. Suppose you owe $ 10 dollars to bank “A”, $ 12 dollars to bank “B” and $ 6 dollars to bank “C”. You decided to keep the Bank Card “A”. You contact the bank “A” ask that you transfer the balance of the cards of banks “B” and “C”. Now your balance on the bank card “A” will be $ 28 dollars.

You must be careful, sometimes banks make promotions that allow you to make this move at no cost. But most of the time they charge a commission. You will have to evaluate whether you should pay that commission or not.


Alternative of consolidating your debts through a personal loan

Alternative of consolidating your debts through a personal loan

Normally these loans have a lower interest rate than a credit card. Be sure to take this alternative before defaulting payments, otherwise this will not be an option.

In case you do not have the possibility or do not want to transfer the balance of your cards to one, the first thing you will have to do to cancel credit cards that you no longer want is to stop using them. If you have services domiciled or with automatic charge on the cards that you no longer want, ask those services to now make the charges to the card you decided to keep.

If you are already sure that there will be no more automatic charges of any kind on the card you want to cancel, hide it, if possible, or at least keep it well to avoid the temptation to use it. This point is essential, because you will not be able to cancel that card until the balance is zero.


The crucis route of cancellation

The crucis route of cancellation

Whatever alternative you choose, that beautiful day will come when you pay the total balance of the card and you can get it out of your life. First, make sure you have paid the total, with everything and cents, or you will not be able to cancel it. Do not overdo the payment, or for pennies, because you will have a balance in favor and will not allow you to cancel it.

You must wait 48 hours after making the payment to cancel the card. If you decide to cancel your card by going to a branch, you must submit a letter (it can be by hand), requesting the cancellation of the plastic. In the writing you will have to put your data and a proof of payment that reflects your balance in zeros. And, of course, you will also have to carry the plastic, which must be destroyed in your presence. Remember that they cannot charge you any type of cancellation fee.

Another option that may be more comfortable for you is to cancel it through a phone call. When doing so by this means just have your credit card and a lot of patience at hand, because in the bank’s customer service menu you will never find the cancellation option. I suggest you choose any option that allows you to talk to a person as soon as you can and that person asks you to contact the cancellation area. Write the cancellation sheet, as well as the full name of the person who attended you. These data will help you in case of a later clarification.

Surely you will find reluctance to cancel the credit card by the banks. These barriers can be “dirty”, like telling you that in the branch you cannot cancel, communicate from one person to another and even cut off the communication. Other barriers may be more benevolent, of the type promising to forgive the annuity or lower the interest rate if you keep the card. Do not despair, stand firm at the branch or continue calling, and do not fall for their offers. Think that if you are really interested as a customer they could have given you a better deal before.


Last considerations

Last considerations

If you managed to get around all the difficulties and not succumb before the tricks of the banks, then you already have one less card. Is that the end of the process? It may be, but it is recommended that you make sure that the card is actually canceled.

You have two options, the first is to wait 48 hours after the credit card has been canceled and call the bank again to confirm that the cancellation request has proceeded. The second option is to wait ten business days after having processed the cancellation to request a letter or proof of no debit. This document will be very useful in case you want to apply for other more relevant credits in your life, such as a mortgage loan.

You may not want to do this last process, because you will be tired of talking to different people at the bank and trying to convince them to let you go. Then you have one last option to make sure your card has been canceled.


All banks are required to report cancellations to Credit Information Companies

credit cards

These companies update the information every month. If you wait for a prudent time, you can check your information either in the Credit Bureau or in the Credit Revolution, there you must verify that the credit cards you canceled have the status of “closed”, as well as a legend that says “current account ”Or“ account without information ”, as well as the current balance at zero.

You can obtain the credit bureau report, through its page, for free once every twelve months. If you want to get more than one report within that period, it will have a cost.

Congratulations Mortgagee – interest rates still record low /congratulations-mortgagee-interest-rates-still-record-low/ Wed, 14 Aug 2019 00:32:27 +0000

Despite stubborn media speculation about upcoming interest rate hikes, which could create a strained economy for many homeowners, the Goodbank today announced that the key rate remains at a record low. Good news for everyone with home loans and a good opportunity to build a buffer in the private economy.

The repo rate, which controls the banks’ loan rates


Has been at a record low of 0.5% since February 2015. The purpose of the low interest rate is to reach the inflation target of 2% by creating an expansionary monetary policy.

“It has taken time and much support from monetary policy to raise inflation and inflation expectations. It is therefore important that the strong Swedish economy continues to leave a mark on price developments so that inflation expectations remain rooted in the target. In order for inflation to remain close to the target, it is also important that the exchange rate of the krone is not strengthened too quickly. This could happen, for example, if the Goodbank’s monetary policy clearly deviates from the outside world, ”the Goodbank writes in a statement.

The interest rates are not expected to be adjusted until the middle of next year, as you can expect slow increases. At the end of 2019, the repo rate is expected to be 0.24% – which is still a very low level. The message gives you as a mortgagee and private person the opportunity to build up a buffer for the future.

Moving or bound – which is best?

Variable interest rates are generally more favorable than fixed interest rates in the short term, but anyone with variable interest rates on the day inflation takes off may expect significantly higher housing costs.

If you have a strained economy, it is therefore a safer card to bind your mortgage for a number of years to come – even if it costs a little more each month. The Goodbank’s new message signals that it may be a good idea to tie up the loans now, especially if you know that you will stay in your home for several years to come.

This means that you lock yourself to your bank.


Private finance editor, says in Economics Studies that it should still consider the uncertain alternative by margins:

“The alternative is to keep the variable interest rate and instead put money into a buffer saving, which may come in handy in a higher interest rate situation. Then you can continue to play the banks against each other ”.

Payday Loan No Bureaucracy | Ask in 5 minutes /payday-loan-no-bureaucracy-ask-in-5-minutes/ Tue, 07 May 2019 15:03:13 +0000

Mr. Marcos’s salaried loan may be the solution to his problems. A fast and no-bureaucratic loan, it can be requested by the computer or by your smartphone, guaranteeing peace of mind to get that extra amount when the pocket is tight.

What to do with loan for employee

What to do with loan for employee

You can ask for your personal credit to:

  • Paying bills: In times of crisis, income from wages can often not be enough to cover expenses, and creating a source of extra income is a great way out of balancing finances;
  • Travel: Going on vacation is necessary, but not always possible. The salaried loan can help pay for the trip you’ve been planning for years but you’ve never been able to do it;
  • Refinance Debts: An urgent loan for salaried employees can also be directed to refinancing debts, which is nothing more than consolidating your debts into a single debt to clear your name and facilitate payment; ;
  • Paying for courses: even those who already have a guaranteed job know that they need to continually specialize in order to leverage their career. The salaried personal loan may be the missing investment for that;

Your loan can still be directed to much more, since in the loan to the employee the reason for making the request is not a given that affects the credit analysis. To request, it is enough that you are over 18 years old, present your personal and registration data for us to do the analysis. If approved, the money goes to your account in a matter of hours.

The products offered by Mr. Marcos for salaries

The products offered by Mr. Marcos for salaries

Mr. Marcos offers five major loan products for wage earners, certainly one will suit your needs. Our analysis accurately takes into account your financial profile to offer the best according to it.

Among our products, we have:

PRIMEIRÃO Loan : loans from R $ 200 to R $ 300, with payment term of 3 to 4 months;

TÔ LIGADO Loan : loans from R $ 900 to R $ 1200, with payment term of 3 to 5 months;

DECOLANDO Loan : loans from R $ 1300 to R $ 1700, with repayment term of 3 to 7 months;

TURBO loan: loans from R $ 1800 to R $ 2500, with repayment term of 3 to 12 months;

SUPERTURBO Loan : loans from R $ 2600 to R $ 3000, with repayment term of 3 to 12 months.

If you do not approve your request, do not worry! We are always updating our systems to offer the best products. You can also try asking for a smaller amount – the more times you take a loan with us and make the payment on time, the more chances you have to be approved for the higher value products.



Since 2016, Mr. Marcos has developed his scoring and analysis methods to evaluate each application individually and offer the best to each person.

Our salary loan application process happens entirely online, just go to our page or our app available for Android and make your simulation with the product you want. The answer comes out in a matter of minutes for you to get the loan at the moment you really need it. Our mission at Mr. Marcos is to make your life easier by offering loans to pensioners with responsibility and security. Therefore, we are always investing in our credit analysis systems to provide you with the best service.

Online payday loan for bad credit-Online loan bad credit is simple with us /online-payday-loan-for-bad-credit-online-loan-bad-credit-is-simple-with-us/ Thu, 14 Feb 2019 07:19:18 +0000 Generally, extra money is not a problem with a benefit or without a permanent contract, for example. This thanks to the loans that you can close online quickly and easily.

Nowadays, paper and strict controls are no longer necessary to borrow extra money. This is thanks to the fact that online loans are now available, which are meant to ensure that borrowing money quickly becomes easier for more people. It is only about borrowing small amounts, so it is important to take this into account. In general, paperwork, credit checks and similar strict conditions with these loans are easy to circumvent.

Good online loans bad credit are simple and straightforward with us

If you are also looking for a good online payday loan for bad credit, the question is of course where you can find a suitable loan provider- see here. Generally, you can easily find these loans via the Internet, you only need to use an online search engine or ask for advice from others. What is also useful about online loans is that you can easily compare the conditions via the internet and make the best choice. The legal conditions apply to all these providers, but there may be major differences between suppliers on the additional conditions. It is therefore worth checking the policy on paperwork, credit checks and waiting times.

A small amount of quick extra money no problem

In addition to the conditions, it is also important to realize that there is a limit for many providers on the amount to be borrowed. Often these online loans go up to 1000 euros. You can then indicate how much you want to borrow and for which, since there is a lot of freedom for this. So whether you want to borrow 200 euros for an installment purchase, 600 euros for a renovation or 800 euros for a world trip. If you want to borrow more than 1000 euros, it is possible in some cases to take out a loan from various online lenders and to combine the money. However, it is always important to always be cautious and not to take too much risk.

So you can quickly arrange extra money no problem

The great advantage of online loans is that you can borrow extra money directly from behind the computer and do not have to take account of appointments, waiting times or papers. Even in the evening and at the weekend it is thanks to online loans. The only thing you have to do to get a loan quickly is to select the right lender online, read the conditions carefully and wait until your application is confirmed and you receive money. So borrowing was never so easy. Thanks to the online loans you can also quickly receive a small amount of money if necessary.

Get This Sharp Inexpensive Cash Register, The Perfect Solution For Your Store /get-this-sharp-inexpensive-cash-register-the-perfect-solution-for-your-store/ Tue, 05 Jun 2018 16:35:12 +0000

Car insurance any of those things you have to have, however the cost can drive a person nuts. If you are throwing both hands up in the air in disappointment, you are making a mistake. Unlike popular opinion, there are real steps that you can take to reduce what you pay.

Copart, Incorporation. will release earnings for that third quarter of financial 2011 after the close associated with the market on Wednesday, 06 1, 2011. On Thursday night, June 2, 2011, the conference call will be kept at 11: 00 the. m. Eastern Time to talk about the results and answer queries regarding the company’s performance for that quarter ended April thirty, 2011.

One of the types is an e-cash in e-commerce register. This instrument functions in a straightforward and easy way. A cashier can scan the product that has been purchased by the customers with a pub code scanner. The barcode scanner will enable the particular register to show the current associated with the product.

You will find this device is more efficient than various other devices. It helps you to control your sales. The new press slot is added so that you can provide quickly and safely the deposit for the expenses and checks without the continuous hassle to lift the particular heavy coin tray. The product can display 8 digits as well as the 7 segments with the huge and high contrast BROUGHT for the easy to view. The particular cabinet is colored dark so it will not look filthy easily. This cheap check out is designed with the Microban or even antimicrobial product protection.

You can find two simple ways to acknowledge advantages of e-cash payment system through your website. I believe the simplest and least expensive method is to use PayPal. They will acknowledge credit card payments for you, plus they provide everything you need to hyperlink your site with your PayPal accounts.

A few years ago, pin charge used to be the best way to cut your own processing costs. That is not constantly the case anymore. Visa/MasterCard have got cut the interchange prices for signature debit dealings. The debit networks possess raised their transaction charges. But for merchants with higher average transactions, pin charge is still a great tool in order to save money because the debt deal costs are so much less.

Always keep touching your mortgage company. In case you run into issues with a transaction you might be able to get them to get rid of any fees you might have sustained.

New US banking plan helps insolvent owners /new-us-banking-plan-helps-insolvent-owners/ Mon, 21 May 2018 17:37:54 +0000 The Treasury Secretary’s project wants to avoid a de facto nationalization of banks and provides between $ 50 billion and $ 100 billion for real estate borrowers at risk

Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary of Barack Obama, does not intend to inject into the US banking system sums that would bring the state of nationalization. It should not create a “bad bank”, a public bad bank structure designed to collect devalued “rotten” securities that plague banks’ ability to boost credit. But the mechanisms to help banks overcome their two main difficulties – their debts and their urgent need for cash – are so difficult to put in place that their announcement, scheduled for Monday, has been postponed to Tuesday, February 10.

Another element played: a premature announcement of the bank bailout could have interfered in a wrong way on the vote of senators that should take place Monday on the economic recovery plan of more than 800 billion dollars (620 billion dollars). ‘euros) that Mr. Obama considers “urgent”. Debates in the Senate remain alive. Sunday, the president had increased pressure on elected officials.

During the weekend, rumors followed one another about the measures that Mr. Geithner is preparing. Of the $ 700 billion plan adopted by the Bush administration, says TARP, a half remains to be allocated. But the elected officials were worried by the report of a commission of the Congress, made public on January 6, according to which the price paid by the State for its acquisitions turns out 22% to 31% higher than the real value of the assets.

The traceability of funds given to banks is blurred. Elected officials call on the Treasury to “ensure transparency in the beneficiary selection process” and in the actual use of funds, before paying the second half of the TARP.

Mr. Geithner’s new plan should contain four components: new injections of funds, a mechanism to purge “toxic” bank assets, measures to boost access to credit and help for indebted owners. It should announce more draconian conditions in the allocations of capital. Of the 350 billion left to the state to distribute, 50 to 100 should be intended to help insolvent real estate borrowers to renegotiate their loans.

Instead of a public bad bank, he wants to create an organization that uses the private sector. The Federal Reserve (Fed, US central bank) would take a large part of the contribution of funds, by lending investors on very favorable terms with guarantees against their losses. This solution was used in March 2008, on what is now a tiny scale, when JP Morgan bought out the Bear Stearns investment bank. It would have the advantage of preventing the government from needing a congressional vote.


As for direct capital injections, rather than preferential shares of banks, the government would acquire bonds convertible into shares with a maturity of seven years. Finally, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two de facto nationalized credit refinancing agencies, are expected to introduce new lending rules to which banks would be subject. And the FDIC, the bank deposit control agency, would see its surveillance capabilities strengthened. It would be allowed to control non-bank financial institutions, such as hedge funds, and dismantle them if necessary.

It is possible that Geithner announces an increase in the TARP, to which the adviser of Mr. Obama, Paul Volcker, former president of the Fed, is favorable. According to various studies, the cost of cleaning up the financial sector would reach $ 2 trillion.

Personal Payment Loans- Utilize Funds Without Having To Worry About Repayment /personal-payment-loans-utilize-funds-without-having-to-worry-about-repayment/ Mon, 24 Jul 2017 20:21:53 +0000 If you are planning to take a loan it is significant to know every single thing about this. It is good to program the amount you want and for just how long. Consequences may have to be confronted if loan is used without proper planning. A number of lenders have released a no . of financial loans therefore , it is necessary to select the very best loan which suits all of us without any side effects. Long Term Financial loans No Credit Check is the mortgage for people who want cash for a long period period. The terms are basic and help is quick.

To avail these types of cash loans with installment payments, you are required filling up an online application form. This form will be filled up with your personal details such as name, age, sex, get in touch with information, income status and so forth and is to be submitted towards the lender. After you submit this to the lender, he will his work of examining the whole information given, plus approves you for the mortgage, if satisfied. In case, you might be approved, you get cash inside a very short span associated with 24 hours. Yes, just twenty four hours of wait and cooker fresh cash in hands. This is exactly what we are known for.

Using these requirements, you can easily get secured or unsecured forms of loans without any hassle. To get secured loan, you need to promise any collateral against the mortgage whereas to get unsecured mortgage, you don’t need to pledge collateral.

With the convenience of online personal bank loan services, you can obtain a payday loan online and with no credit check. Which means that bad credit or no credit score will not disqualify you through getting a payday cash loan. Actually you deserve instant authorization for no fax no credit check loans without needing to go through a great deal of paperwork.

Long long term installment loans no credit check provide you with money without any stiff plus hard-hitting agreement. If you are an everlasting resident of USA plus earning a well monthly revenue then you can without doubt obtain these kinds of loans. These loans are usually planed to satisfy long term requirements of applier. You can provide into play the mortgage sum for any function. Don’t believe that these loans will give you cash only for troubles. You can get a vacation or can buy a present for your loved one from this cash. Lenders are not interested in reason for taking loan.

Let’s return to the student loans. As good as they may be to help build credit and also offer the opportunity for higher education, restricting the need for them will nevertheless help protect finances within the long run. Student loans are some of the very forgiving loans out there. Indeed, you can mess up and your initiatives to correct the problems will be compensated. Federal student loans will record negative handling of the accounts, but they will also take off the particular negative report once it really is all straightened out plus payments have been caught up.

Interest rates of these financial loans are a bit higher than another personal loans. So it is advisable for you to borrow a smaller amount that you could repay easily. The fees and penalties of late payments are also quite high so it is also very important to ensure that you plan for the repayment beforehand. So if you are looking for a short expression loan then these financial loans can be really helpful.

With no paperwork to examine, you can get your money faster. Along with speedy systems in place, financial loans can be approved in minutes. Inside the rare case, that info needs to be confirmed, such as an oversight in the application, you can expect some sort of phone call that business day.

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